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List of official STEAM resellers

STEAM / steampowered Logo

You´re searching for an official SteamPowered Store alternative?

On this page you´ll find an overview of companies officially authorized to resell Steam keys aside from Steam itself. If you plan to buy a game on Steam, take a look at these legit Steam key stores first. Often you´ll find a price-match or even a better deal than in the SteamPowered store!

Following you'll find lists of "approved retail vendors" by well known sources like Ubisoft, Rebellion and Elder Scrolls Online.

The following links will help you save you money buying STEAM games!

Official STEAM key resellers

Find all Steam deals of these official key resellers on our Game Deals and Voucher Page!

Beside these Steam reseller, there are also official stores and reseller for DRM-Free, Origin and other DRM games like
Origin, GOG, Stack Social, DotEmu, Newegg, Microsoft Games and Play Asia.

Additionally game bundle sites like Bundle Stars, Humble Bundle, Indie Gala and Groupees are official reseller. You'll find a full list of all active bundles here!

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2014 - Rebellion´s official STEAM key reseller

Rebellion, developer of the "Sniper Elite" franchise, published a list of their official licensed partners in July 2014. This list gives a good overview of the official digital key reseller in 2014.

"...aside from Steam itself, digital keys ... can be bought from the below list of licensed partners. This is the full list of companies that get their keys direct from us for digital sale – we do not sell to anyone else." -- Rebellion


Nexway sites:

Metaboli sites:

This list of approved and legit digital retailers has been released by Rebellion in the "Steam Users' Forums" in June 2014.

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2015 - Official "Digital Game Key Reseller" for Elder Scrolls Online / ESO

The community coordinator of "The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited" posted the following statement with a list of reputable sources for ESO Steam keys in May 2015.

"We want to remind gamers to shop wisely and only purchase online keys from a reputable source. ... To avoid unknowingly purchasing a stolen game key we suggest that you purchase from our site or one of the official retailers listed below." -- Jason Leavey, ESO Community Coordinator


North America


  • BT Games


  • Dream Game
  • Games Republic
  • Games Rocket
  • 1 Tonne de jeux
  • 1c Digital / Muve/softclub.ru
  • ALSO Shops
  • Alternate
  • Alza
  • Au fond à gauche
  • Boonty
  • Boulanger
  • CDiscount FR
  • CDON
  • Cenega Digital – Muve
  • Central Point NL
  • Codora
  • Computersalg
  • Darty
  • Digital Virgo
  • Elkjøp AS (Dixons)
  • Entertainment Trading
  • epay
  • Fnac
  • Foniks
  • Game Sultan
  • GAME.co
  • Gamedigi
  • Gamesload
  • Gry-online
  • IGE Group
  • Intexmedia ES
  • Jeuxvideo.com
  • Jimms
  • JRC
  • Keto Media GmbH DE
  • Kioskea
  • Komplett
  • konsoleigry
  • Micromania
  • More Than Games
  • Multiplayer IT
  • Muve
  • Notebooksbilliger
  • Orange
  • PC Garage
  • Playcycle
  • PlayGames
  • PS
  • Rue du commerce
  • SFR
  • ShopTo
  • Smadis
  • Softonic
  • Softwareload
  • Spaceworld
  • Starzik
  • Tech Data
  • Tones
  • Toomai
  • TTNet
  • UnlimitedGameStore
  • ZokkusMacGames_FR

Hong Kong

  • 520 Game Limited
  • Alta Multimedia Limited
  • BE Advance Computer Systems Co.
  • Black Hand Fu
  • CC Game Company Limited
  • Chinesegamer International Corporation
  • Gallop Computer Technology Limited
  • GameNeed (HK) Limited
  • MSI (Micro-Star International)
  • Msystem.com.hk Limited
  • Sino Legend International Company
  • Six PC Company
  • Success Comic Book & Network Game Gallery
  • Tung's Computer Technology Co.
  • West City Computer Multimedia Ltd.


  • Savemi
  • Didgio Pty Ltd


  • 1c Publishing / 1c – Soft-Club

South America

  • B2C Express
  • GatoSabido
  • Incomp
  • Nuuvem
  • Paodeazucar
  • Playspot
  • Saraiva
  • Starmedia

Southeast Asia/Japan

  • Friendster.com
  • GamePia
  • H2 Interactive
  • StraStar
  • Tact Interactive Pte Ltd
  • Beijing CE-Asia Co Ltd
  • One Station Technology Co ( Gamesource )
  • Transcrane Enterprise Co Ltd ( T/A Kanezo )
  • SquareEnix e-store

This list of official digital game key reseller has been released in in the official "Elder Scrolls Online" Forums in May 2015.

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2016 - Ubisoft's approved retail vendor list for UPLAY games

Ubisoft has created a list including all of their official approved vendors. (Last Updated: 3/4/2016)

"We recommend purchasing our ... games directly from the Uplay shop or from companies who have a digital distribution agreement with Ubisoft ... A list of companies ... is provided below. --- Source: Ubisoft FAQ

This list of approved and legit UPLAY games retailers has been released by Ubisoft in their FAQ in April 2016.

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